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Wireless Network Design

And IT Security Implementation

A key aspect of concern to most IT professionals is getting the security measures in place to allow the safe use of wireless networks. Our secure wireless network design and methodology meets industry standards, as well as the stringent requirements of regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Enterprise Risk Management’s security and design experts have the experience and expertise to assist organizations from the initial planning to the deployment of wireless networks, including the integration of the wireless network with the main infrastructure.

ERM professionals help client organizations with the following wireless security services:

  • Design Wireless Coverage: By using sophisticated tools and software, ERM professionals can accurately predict the number of access points needed within your organization’s environment to provide a cost-effective solution and ensure adequate coverage and performance.
  • Installation And Configuration Of The Wireless Network: ERM professionals can build wireless infrastructures with the most secure solutions such as 802.1x and encryption techniques to allow for seamless integration, yet provide the added security required to harden the wireless network.
  • Physical Security: Securing access points is another key aspect of a secure wireless network design and implementation. By properly concealing the access points mounted, we can help reduce equipment theft and loss.
  • Policies And Procedures: ERM consultants can develop the necessary wireless policies, procedures, and configuration standards to meet PCI DSS requirements and guide personnel to effectively manage and secure any wireless network.
  • Security Assessment (Ethical Hacking): Just as with LAN networks, periodic assessments of the security of a wireless network are a key measure to prevent and detect security breaches. ERM’s security assessment methodology provides a comprehensive assessment of exposures to both internal and external intrusions. These assessments provide detailed technical, procedural, and strategic recommendations to enhance your organization’s security posture at the enterprise or product level.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective and secure wireless network solutions
  • Compliance with all the wireless network requirements of the PCI DSS
  • Increased mobility for your employees

Click below to reach out to an ERM security expert and learn more about the big-ticket benefits of industry-leading wireless network design and IT security implementation.